General terms and conditions

Article 1 – Traveler

1.1 Traveler: the natural person who makes a reservation with Park and Go to a parking space.

1.2 Parking period: The period previously indicated by the traveler in his booking in which the vehicle is parked by the traveler, that is the period between the start date (including that date) and departure date (including that date) of parking.

Article 2 – Service

2.1 By making a reservation with Park and Go, which states the exact parking period and the arrival and return, the traveler can reserve a parking space.

2.2 The reservation only gives the right to park the vehicle during the reservation period.

2.3 A number of parking spaces are reserved for the parking. Park and Go has the right to refuse a reservation if the number of designated parking places is exceeded by this reservation.

2.4 Park and Go has the right to refuse pre-reserved parking spaces without giving reasons

2.5 Park and Go charges € 8 per additional person. The maximum number of people allowed per car is 4.

Article 3 – Book, pay, change and cancel

3.1 The traveler can make a reservation for the parking service up to 24 hours before the start date of the parking period.

3.2 The customer pays his reservation in advance on the internet with bancontact ideal or mastercard or on the spot.

3.3 The traveler can cancel the reservation free of charge, either by e-mail or by telephone up to 24 hours before the reserved period.

3.4 If you want to cancel your reservation, you can call Park and Go or send an e-mail. If canceled 24 hours before departure, no extra costs will be charged. In the event of cancellation after the Park and Go deadline, or the parking space (no show) shows, Park and Go will claim the total amount.

3.5 Park And Go reserves the right to change its rates on any moment. These changes do not apply to previously booked reservations.

3.6 The company PARK ADLER BVBA grants itself the right within the framework of any event totally independent of our will to refuse to take charge of all refunds and cancellation costs.

Article 4 – Private life

4.1 Park And Go maintains high ethical standards and respects your privacy. That is why we do not have to share any of your information with third parties. Read our privacy statement for more information about.

Article 5 – Parking

5.1 The traveler parks his vehicle on one of the free parking facilities offered.

Article 6 – Responsibility

6.1 Parking is entirely at the passenger’s own risk.

6.2 Park and Go has the authority and the right to move the vehicle if the customer leaves his key with Park and Go. The traveler leaves his key if, for example, it has to be washed. Park and Go performs this work with the greatest care. Park and Go employees have the right to change the position of the seat and mirrors to ensure safe use of the vehicle.

6.3 Park and Go is not liable for damage suffered by the traveler (for example, theft, fire, engine damage, etc.), except for damage to the vehicle as a result of incorrect maneuvers by Park and Go employees.

Article 7 – Final sentence

7.1 Park and Go is a company registered in Belgium. Belgian law applies to our services.

7.2 Park and Go is located at Kerklaan 100, 1830 Machelen

* VAT number: 0683.997.874

* Headquarters: Kerklaan 100, 1830 Machelen

* Telephone number: +32484125942

* Email:


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